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We are a hungarian father and his son (sorry for my poor english). I bought a EZ-Robot Hexapod for my son, who is interested in it.
I bought it from ebay. Unfortunatelly the seller suck me in - as it was advertised as new, and what we got was opened original box and 2 pcs. cracked house servos.
It was the begining of our story.

I'm a hardware development engineer, so I understand what the Hexapod does and why it is working and how ...

There are several problems what we don't understand, I list it:

1. We power on the Six, we connecting - it is working. After a simple movement/action the Six's 1 servo frequently vibrate and give rattling sound - not always the same. If I touch it with my finger I feel which one is vibrating.
Is it normal?
If I fine tuning the servos for 90°, then the problem still exists.
What can I do with this?

2. I try the tracking function of the camera. I trained an object by Six, and if I try Six tracking this object it is locking the object and sometimes Six turn away about 30-40° from the locked object.
What I do wrong?

3. Mobile app
We have mobiles and tablets with several screen LCD resolution, but the deafult mobile app doesn't display perfectly on the screen, for example the left, forward, reverse, right buttons and main background image is not square rather rhombus.
What do I wrong?
OR why I can't change the main's width and height 800x480 pixels?

4. Can the servo's fine tuning values loading on power on to the Six?
We tried to calibrate the servos, but 2-3 couldn't set by mechanically, only by fine tuning.

So, that are the first problems for us. Could you help us?

PS: we live in Hungary/Europe, how can we buy servo for good price? The price is ok, but the shipping charges are very high, for example from Brookstone the shipping and custom charges are 3x more then the servo's price!

Best regards: Zsolt Tóth
Commented June 2016

see. So it should be adjusting itself to whatever the resolution is (or says it is). But, does that explain why the direction buttons are offset from the blue diamond background? Regardless of what it says vs what the real resolution is, should it not have adjusted itself such that they would stay in alignment?
DJ Sures
Commented June 2016
No - The blue triangle is the background image, which is also not scaled correctly.

The background image should fill the screen based on the resolution returned by the driver.

I'd be interested to see what resolution was returned by the driver. I might have to make a version of the app that logs the driver resolution.
DJ Sures
Commented June 2016
Update your android app to the latest version. The new version uses a different density multiplier for the screen resolution, which i hope resolves the issue on your device. Also, when the app loads, the Application Log will display the detected resolutions - please let me know what the resolutions are from the application log if there is still a rendering misalignment issue.
Commented June 2016
DJ Sures - Thank you, IT IS PERFECT! I tried on 3 android device.

One little problem stay on one device 1st picture of #11 post: there is not red circle spot in the blue rectangle which is the STOP function!

On the 2 other device everything is perfect!

Big thanks from Hungary to you. :)
DJ Sures
Commented June 2016
Are there any errors in Application Log after loading Six project?
Asked on Wednesday, May 18, 2016