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When i want to create a "Servo Buttons +/-" in the mobile app,
i become a free button.
When i save this button,
i cant reload the mobile app and all is cleared.
I have make a video.
Is better as my english.
You see, after create this Button, i have a error and a free button.
DJ Sures
Commented November 2016
Fixed for next release
Commented November 2016
Cool, you are the best.
Commented November 2016
I do not want to make a new post on.

Can I use a 2nd level of the "Mobile Device Interface Builder" in the app?

The interface builder is too small for me.
I would like to use one for the control.
And a second for the scripts.

How can I switch by command in a script from one "Interface Builder" to another?
I did not find anything in the help.
How to change into individual control panels I know.
But I would like to use a second "interface builder.
DJ Sures
Commented November 2016
View the ShowControl() ez-script command. You may also find ShowControl() in the cheat sheet.

Find out more about the cheat sheet here:
Commented November 2016
Perfect, i had this command, but i have forgotten the " in the line.
And thanks for the update.
The Button works now.
Avatarby Stiko
Published Sunday, November 27, 2016