Asked December 23 2016

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After lots of testing with servos, I have noticed that when the ezbv4 experiences a power dip when the battery is getting lower (Not too low - around the 7v mark with a lipo 7.4, 1300) the servos seem to reset themselves and search for their mid position.

I should really get a better battery. However, found a solution to at least get slightly better performance and less servo resetting.

Just wiring the battery, directly to the servo. And have the signal wire alone going to the ezbv4.

Is this okay to do? My servo is rated at up to 8.4v. Anyone else tried this?
December 23 2016
I wire most of my projects like that - works great and no issues.
December 23 2016
Thanks bhouston! :D Do you keep the ground and live wires connected to the ezb too?
December 23 2016
I have the - and + from the servos connected to the battery and the signal wire connected to the v4. Also connect a ground wire between the battery and the v4.
December 23 2016
Okay that's great! I will give it a go the way you say.

Thank you for that.

Merry Christmas bhouston! ^___^