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Hello All, other than using the 6 app I really have not done much with the mobile app. I really wanted to ask how capable the mobile app is and what features are included / excluded. Also does it run scripts in an automated fashion. I do have a few tablets but before I break them open I need to know if they are suitable to automated tasks rather than just a :remote control: . I have not used the app that much so I am getting input. Tell me what you have done ! Thankyou !
DJ Sures
Commented August 2016
Scripts run the same way. Buttons can execute scripts. You can either have scripts run assigned to buttons in the UI, or you can have script controls run in the background. Vision capabilities are limited to color, multi color, glyph, motion and face (no object).

Not all controls are supported, but many are. Check out the manual page here to see what is supported:

You can access that manual page at any time by pressing the ? (question mark) on control.

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Commented August 2016
Thanks DJ , I appreciate the quick response. I finally got my laptop back from best buy so I will fire it up now and download EZ builder.
Avatarby jstarne1
Published Saturday, August 20, 2016