Asked July 20 2017

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Hello All,

I have been building my own Six robot though when he is standing up or moving on the ground, his servos go on fire. Though when his legs are in the air they are fine.

Any help is much appreciated.

July 21 2017
Yes, if you want guaranteed quality servos...
July 21 2017

the Inmoov arms would weigh a bit wouldn't they?

But yes it seems with servos you get what you pay for. ;)

Thought i saw them rated for 7.2v also, but even then 7.4v would be too much for it.
July 21 2017
The MG996 servos in question control the inMoov fingers... They are not stressed... There is no real difference between 7.2V and 7.4 volts... Most things including circuits have a built in "cushion or tolerance" for situations slightly outside the manufacture ratings... Once I forgot to add a 5V regulator to a Devantech SRF05 Ultrasonic Range Finder (rated for 5V)... It ran fine at 6v for a few months before I realized I forgot the regulator... Still works perfectly... Think about it... Going by your statement you would never be able to overclock a PC processor and every light bulb in the world would instantly burn out because of the slightest voltage ripple, etc, etc...
July 21 2017
Ah fair enough, that's actually good to know there's a bit of a cushion there.

I asked someone recently about putting lipos on a 1/8 scale rc project i want to do, and he said no because i would be going over the voltage of what the NIMH's put out, but the difference is minimal. That spooked me a little..
July 21 2017
Thank you both very much. That is very interesting about inMoov, probably a robot that will be my inspiration to build my first humanoid robot.

Thanks again

Joshua :)