Asked November 23 2015

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This is my robot fish, i think more easly using ez-board for programing but wifi or bluethoot cannot working in the water. I don't know how i can connect ez-board in the water to computer.
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February 21 2016
hallo eric,

how to contact you? im in indonesia too, i would like to discuss some project, please info
December 30 2017
hello Hanny,
I'm sorry I missed your message, im little buzzy this years. you can contact me via email or my nomber +6283818542413, thankyou
December 30 2017
EricEZ, do you really want to put your personal phone number on a world wide public forum where anyone can see it and call you? That would chill me to the core if it as me. *eek*
December 31 2017
hello @Dave , that is my bussines number , the phone number listed on my web bussines and anyone can see and contact me:)
January 2 2018
I am highly interested in your fish design as I was thinking about doing this last summer, wondering if a much larger design could be made looking like a small shark. Or looking at some new Drone kits that are submarines I heard some company making them now. Would need to be able to use in Pacific Ocean area but starting out small with a fish first to see what kind of problems happen. With camera to see what may be below,possibly sonar, I always thought this would be impossible to make but submarine drones are real now!:D