Asked February 24 2016

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I think this is possible and has been discussed, but I can not find it. Is there a format to execute scripts or commands using an application that can send HTTP GET or POST commands but not be using a web browser, either with the HTTP Server or HTTP Server (custom).

I don't think I can do it with the HTTP Custom because it uses AJAX and I don't know how I would format a request (and unfortunately, the documentation is fairly minimal) but I thought someone was already doing this with the simple HTTP server, embedding the user name and hte request in the URL of the GET.

I also know I can do this with Telnet using the TCP Clients object, and I may use that for my solution, but it is a little more limiting.

I'll explain my goal in case it provides any other thought.

I want to be able to drive my robot from my Android phone or an Android Wear smartwatch. I don't want to use the mobile interface, I want to have an embedded computer running EZ-Builder performing a number of tasks, the remote interface just to give additional commands.

I have two applications that can easily send HTTP Get or Post requests and allow me to build custom interfaces. Anymote smart remote, and Tasker. With a Tasker plugin I can also send Telnet requests, and I may wind up going in that direction if I am wrong that this can't be done with one of the web servers, but that isn't really the direction I wanted to go. (I think I could also do it using Eventghost to receive the HTTP requests and then send telnet requests to EZ-Builder, and I am sure I could write a plugin or do something with the SDK once my C# skills are up to speed, but I could swear this is existing functionality and I just can't find the right nomenclature for the command).

March 7 2016
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October 23 2016
Thanks for the tip on how to do this in IFTTT !

I was able to duplicate your findings using Maker on IFTTT on simple commands like the servo(d11,90) that didn't rely a return value like SayEZB("My voltage is" + GetVoltage() )

For the more complicated commands I created a script in EZB Script Manager and invoked it through IFTTT using ControlCommand ...It even worked on a complex action like DJ's battery level script.

IFTTT......."Script Manager", ScriptStart, "battery level")

EZB script...
SayEZB("I have " +round( ( ( getvoltage() - 7 ) / 1.2 ) * 100, 1 ) + " percent battery remaining")

April 16 2017
I think there have been some updates to IFTTT and I'm now getting "Applet skipped" messages

Is it still working for you?

July 26 2017

Just wondering if you were able to determine why all of a sudden Ifttt is exibiting errors when communicating with EZ-Builder? Thanks much....Rick
July 27 2017
Hello Rick,
I haven't seen those messages again and I use IFTTT fairly often

But, the actual response times vary quite a bit... sometimes within a few seconds, sometimes over a minute on the same applet