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Okay, this should be a fun one.

So I’m all about AI, Chatbots and the like, but here I’m looking for something that does not use any of the above. So here it is...

As some of you know, I have built a Boxbot with my girlfriends granddaughter, and she will mostly control it with an iPad (no speech recognition or speech synthesis) . But here’s the thing. She also wants it to speak after I showed what her new robot can do using a PC and laptop (speech recognition, sayezb(), speech synthesis, etc).

Now, as she is using an iPad, I have set up a “on connection to EZ-B” script saying “Hello Grace, I am now connected. I hope you are having a good day” by recording a Windows speech synthesis voice using audio software and saving it as a sound file then putting that file on to a “SoundboardEZB” control. I have also done the same with a bunch of pre-recorded jokes using a “GetRandomUnique() “ script and a mobile interface button to say these jokes through her robot/EZ-B.

So here is what I’m asking you guys... could you rack your brains and give me some suggestions for some generic answers to ANY question asked. The idea is that she or her friends can ask any question, the “Random Answers” with a random() script button would be pressed on the mobile app and the robot would would answer with something like...

I’m not sure about that

Let me think about that answer, and I’ll get back to you


I could answer, but it’s more fun to learn yourself.”

I guess it’s similar to the “magic 8 ball” kind of thing. So anything you guys can think of would be a great help. Three things to remember though...

1.) The granddaughter and friends are 9 years old or there abouts, (so keep em clean, keep em keen (also, it’s a family friendly forum ;) ) and mainly positive or neutral)

2.) these answers have to make sense to ANY question asked)

3.) The more generic answers... the merrier.

Thanks everyone. :)
Steve G
Commented February 18
That’s cool, thanks DJ.

I had a look through a found a few that I can use. Nice one.

Thanks again. :)
Commented February 18
The issue with the link is that the forum software converts every link to Https whether you enter it that way or not. DJ trying to keep us safe. But not every site has an Ssl version, so you get that error. Just remove the "s" from https in your browser and the link will work.

DJ Sures
Commented February 18
"Ask Steve" :D
Steve G
Commented February 18
Thanks Alan, worked a treat. :)
Steve G
Commented February 19
Just wanted to thank DJ for the 8 ball link. I found it very helpful as it gave me the ideas to adapt the answers.

I think asking for generic answers to ANY question my have been a big ask. So with the 8 ball idea, I have gone with only using Yes/No questions. I have put a load of answers into a random script and used a mobile button labelled "Random Yes No". Ask the robot a question, press the mobile button and it will give one of many random "Yes", "No", or "Not sure" answers.

Only tried it briefly, but it was kinda effective with some interesting and fun results. I think the granddaughter will be pleased with it.

Thanks again.
AvatarSteve G
Asked on Sunday, February 18, 2018