Asked December 8 2017

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I am unable to hear the voice out from Microsoft Cognive Vision Service. I am getting respose but voice is not come out from EZB. What is the probem with this?
December 11 2017
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December 11 2017
Does the speaker on your ezb4 actually work? Does it make the start up chime sound? Can you play other basic "say" commands through it?
December 11 2017
The sound is coming out from ezb. but, cognitive emotion response is not coming out.
December 11 2017
Are you in Client mode or AP mode with your ezb4? You need to be in Client mode (so you are connected to the internet and the ezb4 at the same time) for this to work... It can also work in WP mode if you have an additional wifi usb dongle... Where one is connected to the internet and the other is connected to the ezb4....
December 12 2017
I am client mode only. Cognitive vision is working fine. But, cognitive emotion is not working for me.