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Hi all
I have just received my RZ-bv4 and cant entry my WiFi password because the box is limited to 20 characters.
Does anyone know how to get around this.
Richard R
Commented November 2017
Change the length of your password so it's less than 20 characters? That's what I would do...
Commented November 2017
Thanks Richard R,
Thats what i thought, But i have a lot of WiFi devices connected to my network.
Is there any other way, without changing all those devices.
Commented November 2017
plug a second router in with a shorter password :-)
DJ Sures
Commented November 2017
Update the firmware on your ez-b v4 to the latest. The firmware updater is installed with ez-builder. You will find it in your start menu on Windows.
Avatarby pmyrie
Published Sunday, November 26, 2017