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I am french, and the grip servo from jd is out of service after fine calibration?
DJ Sures
April 20 2017
You must follow the fantastic tutorial which ezrobot has allocated significant efforts to create. If you do not, the robot will be damaged. While fine tuning, you damages the servos by adjusting the wrong direction and now it must be replaced.

The instruction manual, the software and the website all provide direct links to the assembly tutorials. The care for jd instructs to not abuse servos if they buzzzzz

The assembly video with fine tune calibration is here:

Replace your gripper servo with Micro HDD Servo

here's instructions with the gripper:
April 21 2017
Dear DJ Sure, the best tutorial in the world can not operate an electric motor that is roasted.During the fine calibration phase the servo gripper started to heat up and smelled the burned, I unplugged the servo but it was too late, the damage was done. It was the second or third time I realized this operation To familiarize myself with ez-builder which is a very good software.the second servo gripper by cons it works.I brought the servo gripper back to the automation and regulation service because I am responsable for maintenance in a large chemical group, Arkema not to mention it, they told me that the servo had grilled, on the other hand the second thing it Told me should not please you "made in china".If I contact you, it is to know if under warranty I have to return you the whole robot or if you will send me 2 servo gripper new because the second servo does not inspire me either, even with the Fine adjustment the claws do not close completely.
I'm 60 and I hope I could have fun with the robot before next year if I'm still alive DJ.
I thank you for having answered me so quickly, I have trouble with your language, I go through a translator on the internet.
Could react just as quickly for the rest because if I bought this robot, it is first for me of course, but especially for my little son Thomas who is 3 1/2 years old.

Thank you in advance, sincere greetings
April 24 2017

It's been 3 days now and I have no news from you after my second email.
I will still wait 24 hours and if I have no news from you, I would ask for the refund of my purchase.
I will send a copy of the mail exchanges we had to the reseller "roboshop".

Yours sincerely,
Published Thursday, April 20, 2017