Asked May 7 2017

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Hello David,

short question:

I got the new Omron Board (V2)

and i downloaded the new Software (2.4.1) and i found out, that the Face Reco Database not really work. I copy the databes like you told to the plugin folder and then the my Script Recognize me, but shows for the Name "1,2,3,4,5"

I think my face is recognize (because of 5 pictures of me), but the name is missing.

With the old Version 1.2.0 it works perfectly.

Do you make an update for this?

Best Boris
May 7 2017
send me a link to the download and i will see what needs to happen to make it work.
May 7 2017
Hello David,


here is the link:

for the all Drivers and Software:

for the Software:

Thanx David!
August 24 2017
Hello David,

3 months went away.... ;-)

Do you found something out for the new Software Version?