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I have a problem with my brand new EZB4:

Basically what happens is:
1. Connect the battery (charged)
2. EZB starts blinking blue light
3. No sound of connection/activation EZB
4. Wifi connection with EZB in windows works
5. Connecting in the EZB in the connection panel of the EZ builder does not work (see screenshot attached)
6. If I do this procedure with my other EZB all works fine and a connection is made with EZ builder.

Attached to this thread you can see a screenshot of the code generated by EZ-builder when trying to connect to the EZB.
Here you can find also a video which I made to show what happens when I try to connect the EZB4

If anyone would have some advice or need more info on this problem? I will be happy to provide this.
Commented June 2017
unfortunately no succes with these solutions, thanks ;-)
Commented June 2017
Thanks for troubleshooting that Frank,

Seeing as it's a brand new unit please contact Customer support under the product warranty section of our Contact Us page
Commented July 2017
just received the replacement board and that fixed the problem.

I'm shipping back the defective board as requested by warrentee support

Commented July 2017
Thank you Frank!
Commented July 2017
What are the magnets for?
Commented July 2017
secure mounting to Revolution bots.
Asked on Wednesday, June 7, 2017