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Questions With Brand New Ezb4

I have a problem with my brand new EZB4:

Basically what happens is:

  1. Connect the battery (charged)
  2. EZB starts blinking blue light
  3. No sound of connection/activation EZB
  4. Wifi connection with EZB in windows works
  5. Connecting in the EZB in the connection panel of the EZ builder does not work (see screenshot attached)
  6. If I do this procedure with my other EZB all works fine and a connection is made with EZ builder.

Attached to this thread you can see a screenshot of the code generated by ARC when trying to connect to the EZB. Here you can find also a video which I made to show what happens when I try to connect the EZB4

If anyone would have some advice or need more info on this problem? I will be happy to provide this.


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unfortunately no succes with these solutions, thanks ;-)


Hello @Buratino

Can you remove the EZ-B enclosure, power it up again, and look to see if there is a blue LED lit up on the bottom board?

This will indicate if the ARM chip is responding.


Jeremie is on it. Bowing out:) Edited to remove suggestions.


Hello Cochran Robotics and Jeremie, Thank you for looking at my EZB problem. Just removed the EZ-B enclosure, powered it up again, and noticed that there is no LED lighting up on the bottom board.


screenshot of the ARC while trying to connect..


It looks like there is a defect on the bottom board please contact customer support via the Contact Us page for warranty replacement.


That looks like the same disconnect readout I was getting last month when a random spark blew my bottom board, replacement of the bottom fixed my EZB4.


'a defect on the bottom board' I think this could be right, sounds like logic. Strange on a brand new EZB. I will contact customer support. Thanks to everybody who looked into this thread! Well appreciated ;-)


Are the magnets attached to the bottom plastic shell? Or did the magnets fall off?

Please post a picture of the bottom plastic shell, thanks!


Hi Dj, Here's a picture of the bottom plastic shell. The magnets did not fall off. In the meanwhile I have received a new bottom part for my EZB and it works. Great service, great community! Appreciated! Thanks so much! grtz Seth


@jeremie, I have the same symptom as @bertino on my new EZb v4 no power up sounds, and no flashing blue light on bottom board... top board has flashing blue light

Magnets are in place

User-inserted image

Regards, Frank


I'm sorry to hear that Frank, what are the circumstances around your troubles?

The LED on the bottom board should be solid Blue, can you confirm that it's on? Can you connect to your EZ-B still in ARC?


@jeremie, This is a brand new unit and has no bottom board LED light showing at all nor any sound. All of my other EZ-B v4 units have been perfect

Here is what I see regarding the top LED

Power up - flashing blue Reset- blinks yellow while button is held then flashing blue Connect with AP mode- still flashing blue Set Client Mode & reset- flashing green Scan for EZ-B v4, found it, click- flashing green Click Connect, can't connect- still flashing green

No sound at all even though chimes are enabled and LED on bottom board never lights up

Thanks, Frank


Thanks for troubleshooting that Frank,

Seeing as it's a brand new unit please contact Customer support under the product warranty section of our Contact Us page


@jeremie, I just received the replacement board and that fixed the problem.

I'm shipping back the defective board as requested by warrentee support

Thanks, Frank