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Can you assign joystick button script to ports on different EZ Bs? There seems to be no place to specify which board the script is meant for. Is there script syntax to address this?

DJ Sures
Commented October 2014
The ez-script manual reads:


Multiple EZ-B Boards

EZ-Builder supports multiple physical EZ-B Boards connected to your computer. You can specify the board by putting the board number in front of the port. For example: Servo(2.d0, 8) will move the D0 servo on EZ-B board #2 to position 8. If no board index is specified, the first board (zero) is assumed. If using more than one board, the first board is always responsible for movement panels.

Commented October 2014
Missed that... Thank you!
Asked on Sunday, October 26, 2014