Asked July 14 2014

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how can i recognize shape like cube, cylinder and ball... is there a function in EZ-Script for shape recognition? or i need to program it like in SDK: C++ and C#... if not, do i need to use any third party hardware/software for shape recognition and integrate to EZB4?

i just want to make it clear...
July 14 2014
Hasn't this been covered and answered already in your other topic?

Object recognition, while a new feature, is in EZ-Builder's camera control. Train the shapes. Provided they are simple shapes there shouldn't be a problem.

Play with the camera control in EZ-Builder, you can use any camera attached to the PC if you are without an EZ-B and camera at the moment. Play, train, see how the recognition is for your shapes.
July 14 2014
See here Robot shape recognition as Rich mentioned...
July 16 2014