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I have both an ezb 3 and v4. When i add http control.i cannot connect on my tablet(s).I get connection time out or web page not available..I tried using ip address from control window on my main laptop and can connected immediately.What do i need to do? I am not a network expert.
Richard R
Commented September 2014
I am not clear what you are trying to do.... What do you want to connect to? Connect to what from what? If you are just trying to connect to your EZB4 from your tablet you don't need to use the http control... If it is your ezb3, Bluetooth will be what you need....
Commented September 2014
Sorry wasnt clear on what i was doing.But i got tablet to connect to my laptop by turning off Windows firewall.
Avatarby rb550f
Published Thursday, September 11, 2014