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Folger FT-6

I am interested in this printer kit, I have seen many using his smaller kits and have success, but this one is on a scale of its own. I would love to be able to print a part 20+ inches wide. I have a couple Robo 3d r1 printers right now, but size is king.  Anyone know anything about this guy who makes the printers? Any good? Worth the 699?


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Nice!  What a monster... No more bonding small pieces together. 
I'm looking forward to the video of your unboxing.
Yes Andy Roid thats exactly the problem this resolves. Printing smaller pieces creates lots of errors, each piece has its own tolerance and adding them all together is a nightmare at times. I would much rather print it as a larger part. I have this "dream" of residential and commercial  service bots, mowing, weed eating, gardening , you name it. But I will never get there assembling complex 3d puzzles for each version. I would have to buy stock in the super glue market.
At some point after this one is tuned in , I would like to make a 4k DLP resin printer about the same size, the assembly could be upside down.
I was thinking, you could build a model with breakaway seams, and print it all at once. Then all you would do is cut / break the seams and touch up sand it, and everything would be a perfect fit. 

Have fun!
That idea with break away seems is not a bad idea