ARC Release 2013.02.26.00

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I'll never get used to writing 2013... On every release update, I write 2012 and have to correct it. I must be stuck in last year:)

This release is a minor update for new camera module back-end code in preperation for a major release. This is a recommended update, as it has many performance enhancements to the camera tracking.


- When choosing multiple servos for a control, a check is done to ensure the same servo isn't selected twice

- WebServer displays port in URL for Camera Image

- Camera Motion Tracking Skip Frame option update. This allows your robot to move before checking for motion and acting crazy

- Camera tracking response time increase and uses less CPU

- Smoother Camera Overlay update
New Zealand
Being on the other side of the world has its advantages .... first cab on the rank....

Thanks DJ !
DJ you must work every day,dont you ever take a break or a day off
This is just in time for me. Next weekend plan on installing the camera tracking into my B9