EZ-Builder Release 2011.11.11.00

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- EZ-Builder v2011.11.11.00


- Added Examples to the File menu. Many examples for using scripts, and explaining various controls. More examples will come as we create more

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When I went to upload the new firmware it made my Hbrides run. Quirk?
LOL funny. So your robot ran away? Haha. Nah it's because the chip goes into a different state. It is no longer actually doing anything. So the pins are FLOATED HIGH. That means there is no physical connection between your peripheral and the chip. Maybe have to disconnect your hbridge, or put a seperate power switch on it.

My Omnibot has a seperate power switch fo the hbridge motor for things like that
Already did that a longgggg time ago. Love all the new stuff. No problem. Love it!!