EZ-Builder EZ-Builder Raspberry Pi 2019.02.08.00

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Software Information

This is the first release of the EZ-Builder Designer software for Raspberry Pi, and more specifically, MONO. I'll create a more detailed tutorial on how to setup and run the EZ-Builder on Raspberry Pi. In the meantime, it can be downloaded and executed with mono...

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1) You have to install the Mono framework, which is pretty easy...


sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install mono-runtime

2) Next, untar and extract the download...


tar xvfz ~/EZ-Builder_Pi.tar.gz

3) Change into the directory of EZ-Builder...


cd ~/EZ-Builder Pi

4) Execute the application with...


mono ./EZ-Builder.exe

*Note: there are a number of feature limitations on the Rasberry Pi version Vs. Microsoft Windows. These limitations are no Blockly, no WiiMote, no Speech Recognition/Synthesis, and no 3d robot designer. Plugins are supported long as they do not use unsupported libraries. These are features out of our control, however.
:DWhoa seriously this is awesome news! Possibilities our now really endless!
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SUPER ADDITION!  I will try it out in my next Bot.