Windows/android 2014.05.07

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

This release updates both the Windows and Android version of EZ-Builder. All project files will need to be re-saved with this version of ARC For Windows in order to work with the latest Android EZ-Builder.


- New Control: RGB Animator for RGB LED Block and [sku:1208]

- i2c Clock Speed configured in Connection Control for ez-b v4
New Zealand
Thanks DJ.

Greatly appreciated as always....

This looks great. Im interested in the LED animator

What I want to do is build an LED block from 3mm surface mount one colour LEDs

and be able to control the graphic like a blinking eye or a smile

I would expect to use perhaps 7x7 or 8x8

would this new control be able to deal with this. I know you are busy up to your crack
so a simple yes or no will do


Andre ..