Windows/android 2014.04.30.00

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This release updates both the Windows and Android of EZ-Builder. The enhancements support some additional functionality for the v4 and increase the performance of i2c on the v3. This update also includes a firmware update for the v3.

The new i2c no longer requires the AUTO|ACK|NOACK parameters for the i2cRead() function. There are significant performance enhancements to all i2c commands as well.


- New EZ-B v3 firmware v16.5

- i2c performance enhancements on v4 and v3

- v4 support for the upcoming EZServo (will be announced this summer) <- keeping you in suspense
just what we need, more anticipation and Spence. *eyeroll*

just kidding, you gotta love a mystery. Thanks for the update;)