Release 2020.01.05.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- faster loading of mobile interface objects

- rendering of objects across multiple screen resolutions is faster when executing layout

- cheatsheet populates faster which makes loading the script edit window faster

- file open dialog loads project list faster

- more reliable video capture driver that keeps better reference to the image data memory location for each frame

- camera vision engine that shares frame memory across display canvases

- plugin configuration has a script helper class to store scripts rather then having to manually create storage entries

- deeper error logging of script executor

- fix for only one item displaying when opening from cloud

- display version information about plugins when push question mark

- remove avi recording framerate option because we use the current FPS of the camera

- don't allow recording until the fps is set

- additional cross thread protection when rendering video stream to screen canvas

- check for updating doesn't delay project loading with no internet connection

- Lock painting the camera canvas to prevent cross thread conflict when new frame is being loaded. Solves an issue with raspberry pi camera feed

- larger image buffer

- allocate buffer capacity ahead of time for more efficient memory management

- prevent exception when checking new version

- bring control to front of other windows when title bar is selected

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