Release 2013.06.08.00

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This is a very minor update for ARC Revolution Beta.

- Search in File Open dialog will search selected folder for filename or Notes of a project. Very useful for finding Examples.
Wow, I've got to used to updates coming often again. 4 updates in the last 5 days! Reminds me of the "old days" (actually just a few short months ago ;) ) when they were coming out about one a week or more. Good to see your back to "work" again DJ. :)

Just kidding, I know you've been busting your hump these past months on Revolution. I gotta say, "After downloading it and looking into it, I really like it". It sent a shiver up my leg *blush* when I saw the many choices in the "Options" section and how fast ARC loaded on my laptop.

Thanks for everything,
Dave Schulpius
The one before it was his best yet with EEG interface MINDWAVE
Congratulations DJ and his team for this great update, the revolution has been incredible, thanks for the hard work they have done over the years.
It was interesting to have to re-record the projects I had in my ez-b v1, that reminds me the date ez-b changed my life.:)