Release 2013.03.15.00

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This release hosts 2 new features that I am excited to introduce. Together, they will allow your robot to switch projects on demand without dropping connections. This is a great feature because you can now have different projects with different functions. Switching between the projects will make your EZ-Scripts and control configurations easier to manage.

For example, you can create a Speech Command to load a project that is configured to follow a red ball. Then, you can have another speech command load a project that is configured to follow your face. This will be much easier than using ControlCommands() everywhere within a single project.

I recommend reading the LoadProject() syntax usage in the EZ-Script manual before using.:)


- New EZ-Script command: LoadProject()

- Connection Control does not drop existing EZ-B connection when new project is loaded. This allows smooth transitions between projects using either LoadProject() or the manual File Open Dialog.

That is all:) ... May not seem like much, but the impact is quite huge to those with complex EZ-Robots.
Definitely a big change, Dj impresionsnte always, thanks!:)
New Zealand
Thanks.... a major change this one... very impressed.... it is very reassuring to know our ideas have an impact on development.... thanks for yet another great implimentation.
That is awesome. Dramatically simplifies my bot concept. I was looking at how to switch sets of active scripts to switch between interactive, friendly autonomous, and security autonomous modes, and you just made it as easy as a simple voice command. Fabulous.

You never cease to amaze me.

Great job DJ, this will allow us to create/define several behaviours that can interact with the environment. I'm impressed (again)!
thanks for simplifying AI scripting!
great release.