Beta Release 2020.01.03.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- larger image buffer

- allocate buffer capacity ahead of time for more efficient memory management

- camera processor checks if the image is null because there's some user reporting that raspberry pi server is sending a null image, somehow...
Very cool DJ! I am still loving the Dark theme. I also see this is the fastest Beta ever, as soon as I installed it ,asks if I want dark theme and then instantly loaded my Terminator project from last summer all ready to run,very impressed! Just wondering I seem to download a new version almost every day when I see it on Forum updated. So Is this the very,very,very latest Beta or the very-very latest or just the latest....LOL! No I am very glad you keep working on it and making it better so quickly with updated version,good on you sir!