Android/windows Release 2015.01.18.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- Changed the JD project for easier assembly (Requires a sync of EZ-Bit Library for updated body part)

- Mobile App has fix for slider

- ultrasonic distance ping sensor has default ports changed to not interfere with lower ports that may already be used (d0, d1) by default when adding the control

- all ultrasonic distance ports start as PAUSED so the user can select the values before it starts working and interferes with stuff already connected to the ports

- added text for pin outs on ez-b during build process

- made port view image larger

- save to ezcloud does not crash ezbuilder when no conenction to internet

- added buttons to editing mobile controls (button, image button, trackbar) instead of multiline editor because it was causing problems checking syntax with every keystroke

- when editing multiline script editor in a grid, the first time you entered it would not save the text when ENTER was pressed. fixed

- new rendering scene features for 3d viewer for better lighting in all 3D views. Uses a 30% ambient light with 80% directional light over your viewing left upper shoulder.