ARC 2020.12.25.00 (Early Access)

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

Welcome to the Holiday edition update of ARC - with a number of new features for the NMS and various bug fixes.


- Added javascript and python commands for sending events to the navigator to Pause, Continue, Cancel navigation. This can be used by scripts to pause the navigation when an obstacle or user instructs, then continue again when clear. Find the new commands in the Support section under the JAvascript or Python NAVIGATION namespace.

- Fix for the camera in Blockly not displaying when editing script with Blockly set as default editor

- Made the Version more noticeable in the About window

- Fix incredibly rare startup error

- improvement on capturing log errors and fixing more unhandled exceptions

- Fixes to occasional UI error when closing ARC or project

- Fix error when pressing Add Control on a non-virtual desktop (i.e. blockly, roboscratch, user interface)

- Update the camera resolution when the source is changed

- new javascript & python command to shut down the pc
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Thanks for the Christmas gift of an update DJ!