ARC 2020.12.12.00 (Early Access)

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

- in preferences, changed misspelled name of auto subscription title checkbox

- Fix for right-click pasting into text editor when Blockly is selected as default (

- Camera device detect object shape (unknown, Quadrilateral, circle) for custom color, ybcr color, color

- new variable for Camera Device that reports the detected ShapeType

- Camera device detect object rotation for Quadrilateral shapes for custom color, ybcr color, color

- Camera device variables are now arrays instead of the variable name with a _[index] appended. For backward compatibility, the first array index 0 is also added as just the variable name

- NMS (navigation messaging system) fix for cross threading issue with scanpoint array of combined event

- task scheduler fix for rare occurrence of a deadlock