ARC 2020.12.11.00 (Early Access)

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- Auto update by press of a button when ARC loads (no longer need to visit webpages and download and click on files to keep up with Early Access updates, etc....)

- removed custom camera resolution option and now force using camera's supported resolutions
NICE, Gonna give it a try ,that custom camera switch never helped me before,this should improve much!:D
Yeah - your log files is the reason i added it. There was a significant high number of errors from your ARC by trying to specify custom resolutions which aren't supported by the camera.

I also noticed you receive an error every time you load the T2 project. It looks like it has been corrupted at some point. Have you considered rebuilding it or at least resaving it? If you want me to take a look, post the T2 project here. You can use the [FILE] button in this editor when replying to attach the T2 file.
The T2 project is old but I want to keep it because much of the code still works in part of it and all the Terminator sound files still work that I can re use, I was able to merge it with a roomba new file I made last I just keep the error message everytime I want some example code that I did last year.
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Ya weird I had 2 files ,one is T2 desktop that I am able to get into and this one T2 could be what causing error everytime, I am not sure if I can open that one up but possibly on my other computer that still has old version of Arc.
 I guess I can just delete that file then as I had better copies still that do work.
Yeah that T2 file cannot be recovered. You should delete it from your computer so you dont' accidentally try to open it. It appears to only be partially saved
You must be a workaholic or just having too much fun working there ,you don't ever sleep? I am up at weird times, only sleep 4 hours at a time. Always have fun on my projects here when ever possible.
I sleep when I’m tired :). I let my body direct my schedule rather then the other way around. It feels more natural I think
I hear you DJ, my roomba brush just got delivered ,8 screws simple to add on create2 . Had to test vacuum house, so tired again.I do the same,can sleep anywhere anytime and any surface ,bed ,sleeping bag or passed out drunk on the floor at a long night party! Naw  Not anymorexD
I gotta say what a great improvement with Roomba controls in this release I no longer have a hard time getting Roomba to respond with Roomba Init and movements and just connecting in general, I always had to wait a few minutes and then unplug the serial USB and plug back in ,the Roomba would then beep and start responding to controls. Now it happens right away with this latest release,connects every time, great stuff!
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So  I seem to remember you added some new switch in the Ultrasonic sonar ARC panel. I Have 2 Sonars,I can quickly add to the Roomba and give better obstacle avoidance,so that new switch or check mark helps it to combine with other navigation skills? I will be trying it out in the morning to see what cool stuff it does.How should they be mounted...oh you know what, you pointed out that info tab for all the new skills ...I will have a good read on all that info ,hate to bug you so much when you hardly ever sleep!xD so just ignore ,I'll figure it out.

Edit-----Oh I guess the sonar looks the same in the panel after checking now, I will just use it as always left and right on front.