Speech Recognition Say It Didn't Understand You


The speech recognition uses a confidence level to determine if it understood your verbal command. This tutorial demonstrates how to add a response to the speech recognition if it does not understand you, and asks to repeat the command.

Step 1

*Note: Be sure to read the Speech Recognition manual page in entirety before completing this tutorial. There is important information in the manual page about using proper microphones and teaching the computer your voice.

  1. Load ARC

  2. Press Project -> Add Control from top menu

  3. Select AUDIO category and add Speech Recognition

  4. Locate speech recognition control and press GEAR icon (that accesses configuration screen)

  5. Locate Low Confidence script and press the EDIT button on the far right to open multiline editor

  6. Enter this code...

SayEZBWait("I did not hear you. Please repeat the command.")

  1. Press Save to close script editor

  2. Press Save to close Settings for Speech Recognition

Now when you speak commands to the robot and the confidence is below the acceptable value, the robot will speak and ask you to repeat the command.


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