Auto Backup of EZB Project


Using a batch file and a script in ARC you can create a scripted method to auto backup your EZB project file.

Step 1 Make the Batch file

What is a batch file? It's an old school Windows/DOS method of scripting processes for everything from deleting files, copying files, creating files, opening or closing programs, etc can be scripted in a batch file.

It's a throw back to the days when DOS was used on IBM computer systems before the graphics user interface of Windows. Nearly anything you can do via typing commands in a Windows Command (cmd) terminal you can script in a batch file. It's still useful today to do many things on a modern Windows computer.

To Create a Batch File:
Create a new text (.txt) document on your desktop. Double click the file it should be blank inside. Now, go to file, save as, and in the Save As window, input a name for your ,bat file and then add a ".bat" to the end of the file name (without the quotes).

Because I have several batch files my EZ-Robot projects use, I keep all of mine in one folder where my EZ-Robot projects are: C:\Users\YourName\Documents\EZ-Builder\My Projects\BatchFiles

But you can keep your .bat files anywhere you want. Just make sure you know the path.


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