Robot Idea


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What I plan to do is, by using a combination of input sensors (accelerometers, flex sensors and such) on gloves, control a small group of reactive characters for some upcoming children's plays. I would also like to use a similar concept to control an InMoov style robot, but have its reactions based on an actors input (sensor covered body suit). Working on the idea of an overhead track system that would carry such a device forward/backward based on shifts in forward/backward movements of a performer. In short, hypothetically driving a 7-8 foot tall robot reacting real time to the movements of an actor/performer. Shoulders would be driven by 4 separate servo's (4dof) (arm up/down, arm rotate, shoulder forward/back, and shoulder lift like a shrug) 2 (2dof) at the elbow for lift and rotating the forearm/hand, (2 dof) for wrist (up/down, left/right), and 5 (each finger) for hand. Still working out details on what to incorporate from robots like InMoov and what to just hardware up on.



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