bond bug .jd's vehicle

Nomad 6R

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an idea i have for a long time is to make a car for jd.
then i saw this picture,the bond bug.

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this is part 1 ,i had an old vacuum cleaner.and it has 3 wheels.
just same as the bond bug.and there was the idea.
still need some things to do.xD

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Oh ok I thought you had Cere Proc,they are not answering my email so I don't want their voice if I can't lower pitch (costs 10.00)
here's a little video off swiftalker cepstral.damien.

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Hey Nomad,both Cere proc and cepstral have a similar sounding robot voice and cepstral has the better program to modify the voice synthesis structure.I did get an email responce from Cere proc and they do tell me how to modify the voice pitch using command lines and since that voice I want is only 10 dollars,think I will buy that one.The difference in clarity is also much better with Cere proc as I need it to come out of my Google Mini speaker Via EZB audio connection. Since my new creation is an old classic Cylon,Cere Proc has the best TTS simulated voice to do it,just the pitch needs lowered which I now know is easy to do! Also I just can't stand the default microsoft windows David voice,reminds me too much of Hal 9000 from that movie 2001 space Odyssey.
I always did like the Cylon sound, I have an avi file i use as a Startup when you turn the robots on at first:)
hi roboHappy

did you put the file in the ezb ?how did you do that.?