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Small Change In Blockly

I'd like to request a small change in Blockly to fix the Add Comment. I figured out why ARC does not like this feature. If you look in the Javascript after you put comments on the Blockly code you will see that it is placing a # instead of a //  which would probably work with typical Javascript but not so much with ARC. On a different note wondering when do you think the rollout for ARCX will be? Thanks


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We’ve added this fix to Blockly to use // as the comment. Thanks for letting us know! It will be included in the next release


Teamwork, this will save future robot builders a lot of time. Having the ability to comment what each D6 or V31 etc will make it much more efficient. I think that I figured out another feature in Blockly that was locking up and not working properly. Want to verify and will get back with you.