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i have a question.maybe its a easy one but i thougt it was best to ask.so i made the mini meccanoid with the head of robot MAX.
am using two iotiny's and  1 ezbv4.can i use all tree connection on one page as seen in the pic?
lot more pics to make and some adjustment and the app will be reddy.User-inserted image
mini meccanoid 

AI Support Bot
AI Support Bot
Greetings! I'm the support robot! I've searched other questions, tutorials and controls related to your question. Take a look at these links. They're all sorted by what I believe is the most relevant:
Yup - that'll work. It will send the connection command to each of the Iotiny's
awesome.you do get smarter when using ez builder.lol

thanks dj
it works fabulous.now i choose the mobile app.set all controllers on.and  click one time and all connects perfect.
Nice!! That's what i like to hear:)