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i have a problem whit the rgb.excample spin roll stops while spinning.
also i hear a tikking sound.i disconnected the servo&rgb.tikking still there.
i adjust the powerpins & springs still tikking sound.what els can i do?


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after a few batt chargers ,the problem seems to solved on its own.
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okay. i though i had solved the tikking sound but it was back today.i do notest that the batt,
was rapidly fully charge.some 20 min.so i though thats not good.then i notest the batt cover,
is about 1 mm bend,also not good.so time to check the batt.and yes it was swollen.
so the batt charged for about 40% only.then i checked some more to find the source.
and this is what i found,an error i made myself.in the pic you see i used the backside jd chest to,
have a good look.the screw of the circuitboard had a wascher and that made contact whit ,
fuse .new batterie and smaller screw solvedĀ  the problem.someone said the tikking sound,
is caused by a bad connection.i thought a bad wire orso.but it was a screw.