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***Ping*** Robot-Doc

Hey Doc, hope you don't mind me asking... The flashforge printer you mentioned... What software are you using with it? How (or do you even need to) is the print platform leveled/adjusted?


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The FlashForge Create dual head printer has been upgraded with a firmware flash called Sailfish. There are details on how to do the flash on the Google FlashForge forum. I upgraded the Heated bottom plate by adding a 6 x 10 inch borosilicate glass plate 1/4 inch thick. Used 1/8 inch diamond drill bit to cut the mounting holes so that the stock HPB mounts could be used.

Autodesk 123D Make is the 3D program I use for building the prints I use.

I use Makerware and ReplicatorG for slicing the 3D prints.

The HPB platform is leveled by a manual process using the 4 spring loaded screws that mount the plate.