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New Robot Need Help

I just received my new JD robot humanoid

First I charged the battery

second - I plugged the battery with the controller together, it come on saying welcome and go to the website - the on and off switch does nothing

just stays on - I never had a chance to even set it up yet

what to do?



Got the robot to work

now missing      a0349118-0d26-449d-a29b-45a1656a9231.ez-bit
it say: D

when I syn

Downloading all EZ-Bit list...
56 EZ-Bits indexed
Comparing against your library...
Download 6 EZ-Bits... (This may take a while)
1 of 6) Downloading Humanoid Body v0.1 by EZ Robot (5,599,954 Bytes)
Error downloading from EZ-Cloud: Could not find file 'C:\Users\Public\Documents\EZ-Builder\EZ-Bits v2\1\a0349118-0d26-449d-a29b-45a1656a9231.ez-bit'
you can download the bit from here .see pic.User-inserted image
User-inserted image
click on the cirkel.
Re installed it

All working now

Thanks for all your help my friend
great to hear.love to see a video off what youre building.or your jd robot.