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.Net Questions With Installing ARC On Windows 7


new user, just ordered the developer's kit and going through the tutorials but got stuck when I downloaded the software. Once you save the software install file and click on it to run an error message pops up and it aborts the install. Any idea how to get past this and set up the software?

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Oh, I found a discussion about the Microsoft .Net version 4.5 upgrade, I'll try that.


Thanks, downloading the item fixed the issue. I should have searched before I posted!

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Not to worry. I'm pleased you got it sorted now.


You will rarely see someone here saying "search before asking". We'll tell you to take the Learn tutorials, because they are very good and answer 90% of "noob" questions, but unless someone else asked the same question on one of the recent discussion posts, we tend to be nicer than a lot of other forums about stuff like that. Your question was in fact answered just yesterday, but you wouldn't know it from scanning the recent posts titles because the initial question was about iPhone6, and windows installation just happened to be mentioned in the thread.

Welcome to the forum and enjoy your EZ-B.



Thanks, I am going through the tutorials. I got to the part where you download the software and got stuck. Got the software up and running this morning. Planning on going through everything before the developer kits arrives, probably not the best way to learn but when I go back through the tutorials with the EB powered up I'll have a little more knowledge.

Thanks again for the welcome.