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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Ipad (8Th Generation) Ios 14.2 Not Launching ARC App

I have purchased new iPads for each of my JD robots. It appears Version 2020.11.19.00 of the software is not compatible with these devices as the splash screen shows when launching the app but then closes down, however, double-clicking on the start button shows that the app splash screen is minimised to a thumbnail and hasn't actually closed.

The iPads are managed through Apple School Manager and JAMF, not sure if this is the cause although it does state that the app is Device Assignable.

Any suggestions on how to get the app working on the iPads?

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Hmmm many schools and ourselves use the app on new iPads. I’d have to lean toward a security application or something blocking the application from loading. Perhaps start with a fresh iPad with no security software installed. Meaning, an iPad that would be setup normally as you would use it at home. Then, test the app

then I’d add security software and test to find the culprit
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Hi DJ Sures,
I did some experimenting with the iPads and I think the hang up was that it couldn't bring up the terms and conditions screen. I ended up deleting the app from the iPads and logging in from home using my personal AppleID and downloading the app from my cloud. The app was able to open with terms and conditions, I agreed and now it appears to work even while being managed.

My guess is there is some compatibility issue with JAMF Nation pushing out the app remotely compared to downloading it directly to the iPad from the app store.
Thanks for responding.
We’ve never come across this before / but I’ll make note for other schools that run the same software. Thanks for letting us know:)