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hi, i have a question about gyros.
i found some gyro cards.
Gyro LISY300AL 300 degre
Gyro Breakout Board - LY530AL.

but i have no idea how gyros works,

anyone feel like explaining ?
and would it be compatible with the ez-b ?
ive just seen som gyros robots on 2 wheels on youtube.
but i cant find a good "how it works" video on it.

// skorpah

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Gyroscopes are very interesting, they work on the law of conservation of angular momentum. They (in a robot) would be powered by a motor instead of a string (see video below). they can be used to stabilize the robot or help detect changes in pitch or roll. This video should help.

Hope this helps!
ah i see !

but then to the project idea, see if you can give me some tips or pointers what to go for.

my idea is to make a robot that balances on one wheel, or a ball to be precise.

here is a video where they have one.
my idea is to make this, (if not way to advanced.)
with the ez-b. and have a robot balancing on it, and manouvers forward reverse and turning.

in the video it seems like a waaaaaaay over the head project,
but im curious if it doable ?
there using omni wheels and the construction is not to far advanced.
the question i have is, how do they keep it balanced, i get the idea with gyroscope that you showed me, but how do the implement it in this robot ?
in my head,
you should be able to use like a "tilt sensor" or 2.

and have it like:

if sensor feels tilt forward - move servo to position X
if sensor feels tilt reverse- move servo to position Y
etc etc.

and im guessing that there using digital gyros. and that they work similiar to this ?


just realized that the ball movement was pretty high tech.
it was kinda new to the "robotics world":P

so i think i might consider something else:P