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Full Length Disassemble Videos...

Hello DJS,

in one of the wall-e videos, the end is the disassembly of the the wall-e

Do you have the full video?
Really what im looking for is the disassemby of the eyes, i wan to know if i can keep the original eye tilt motion and insert a webcam in one eye....

sorry for rambling



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Hey carlos! Funny thing.. I get this question a lot. And I do have a video that has been in the works. It is a total assembly video from beginning to end. The delay of that, and the latest ARC release is due to my family vacation. I spend time with my grandfather in central canada, so I have limited access to resources (tools, workspace, etc)

If you can hold off another 2 weeks, you'll have a video:)
Hello DJS,

thanks for the response. Hope you enjoy time with the fam, and thanks for taking the time on keeping us updated and staying in touch with the board,

much love

Man it's been a crazy few weeks on holidays with family. I've lost my friend Amy who was volunteering support, so it's been a lot of effort on my plate. I have actually made the video but have not edited it yet.

Wish i had two of me:)
DJ I know we would be happy editing or not! lol, honestly I'm just having trouble connecting the modified servos to the metal shafts on track wheels... Any suggestions?
Check the pics on here: Wall-E Profile Page

There are pictures at the bottom of that page. Click on the thumbnail and you can see close ups of various modifications.