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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Ez-Builder Software Wont Launch Without Internet Connection.

I cannot get ARC program  to launch without internet connection, On two separate devices ,have add no problems the last 4 years.
Is it the problem with the latest software release .I dont use the test beta?.

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Have you tried to disable any virus and/or spyware programs? What platform are you using? Is this a new device you're trying to launch on?

1. re-charge the robot
2- disconnect the anti-virus
3. re-set the network
4.connect to the wifi that is Ezb4-----
5. then in EZ- Builder scan for correct ip, then connect to your robot
Two Windows 10  pc and one lap top ARC software launches fine if connected to internet. If i'm out of wifi range or not connected to ethernet program wont even launch ,that's b4 i even try to connect to ezb.
Wow that's strange if its working fine for others with internet disconnected !.
We've noticed that a bit ago and have a fix for it - we have ARC being re-written for a huge update which makes little tweaks like this challenging :). I'll release something this week to fix that
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User-inserted image

Thankyou This my EZB Dino 16m X 3m high Is this the biggest ezb project ever will keep updated
Neat, I hope you keep updated on this project with pictures and video.
User-inserted image

Probable not the neatest job around, Dino moves tail ,lungs, neck and head, tongue, tip of tongue, eyes, eyelids breaths in/out nose with air 
boss speakers in head. this is probable wrong sight for posts. runs on dell laptop.
This exactly the right site for posts on this. Please continue. Your build sounds fantastic. Thanks for showing us.
WOW that's one big bot! Thanks for sharing it. That ceratops looks epic!