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Has anyone built a shoulder, arm and hand other than the Imoov design. I am looking for something with more strength. I want to get away from the cable design.
I have linear motors and stepper motors and want to use a more direct mechanical design. Any ideas?

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AI Support Bot
Hello There! I'm a bot. Bip. Boop. I've searched other questions, tutorials and controls related to your question. Take a look at these links. They're all sorted by what I believe is the most relevant:
It will need to lift 3 to 4 kg. I have a linear motor which can drive it. I am looking for the mechanical ideas. Remember Tony?  He was building robots and selling them. He use to do a lot of design work. I may have to look at some of his old post. Some of the joint designs were a good concept.
tony ellis web pagehere is the link from tony ellis his web.there is a contact button ubove .also for lifting 4 KG you wil need to be able  to lift 5.3KG,
to be safe
Hello Patrick. I was really impressed with the monster servo setup. LOTS of torque. like what I need. I will start working on the elbow joint design considering the layout of the monster servo as shown in the video. Thanks for searching out the info for me.
I will be jumping back to a base I'm building using hoverboard motors like Will is working on. Once I get my parts and he begins testing i will too.

Thanks again for your help. The arm is going to be a fun project.
yeach it looks like a full grown human can hang on these monsters.am looking forwart to see your project.