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Asked — Edited

Wtd: Ezb3 Board

Anyone have an EZB 3 board they want to sell?



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When the v4s ship I will likely have a lightly used v3 for sale or trade. Depends on if I decide to build a third robot or not.

I still have a complete kit with the class 1 bluetooth mod available for $299 plus shipping.
@Thetechguru... Hey Alan, I bought the last one I have from you... Need another one since there is yet another delay on the V4....

@Robotdoc... can you give me your email so we can discuss your kit?

thanks guys
rryerson Just click on the [User Details] under my avatar, within will be the info you seek.
@Robot-Doc.... I was hoping to get just the board as I don't need the camera or servos... Any chance you will part with just the EZB3 board?
I think it would be difficult to part out all the other pieces contained within the complete kit.and at $299 plus shipping I thinks it's a great price for anyone wanting the V(3) controller as well as all the other goodies.
It is a great price, but the exchange rate would kill me. Also, I was only looking for the board as I don't need anything else from the kit...
well, thanks anyway Robot-Doc...
You still have the board? I would love to get the kit off you robot-doc
OK. I will email you when I get done work today. Thanks