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Resolved Resolved by Kullthulu!

Wtd: Ezb3 Board

Since we have yet another delay in shipping of ezb4... I am looking to pick up another V3 board to tide me over until then... email is robotguy505(at)gmail.com or respond here...



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There are some V3's for sale here:
They're $110 a piece but that's supply and demand.. we have demand and right now as far as I know they are the only supply..
Yep, been checking that site too.... I emailed to confirm stock before I buy.... thanks
Let me know what they say with regards to their stock. I'm considering getting one as well. I can't spend the next 3 months looking at jarvis lifeless in a corner of my room.
Don't blame you.. all my projects will sit waiting longer I guess... so will do about their response to stock... keep an eye on this thread...
My robot Roamin is waiting for life also, I have slowed my working pace down, since there is no hurry waiting for the V4 to arrive. By the time it does, I should have everything ready to go :-{ Getting ready to paint once the weather starts cooperating :-{
I think once I get it all painted, people are going to be stunned, nothing flashy, but it will catch the eye :-}
Well they do have stock... the boards are used but all are good to go... the site is legit and the owner is a great guy to boot. I just bought one so all those wanting a V3 board should take a look....