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Would These Combinations Work? Combo1

Hey guy,

Happy New Year to all!. I need some help or advice. Im workig on several projects and I need some opinions on certain devices that will work using the EZ-B Controller Can ya help me out?

1. Air Keyboard Conqueror, www.cideko.com/pro_con.php?id=15, as my controller, controlling
a Rc ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) together with a Pittman 6 to 24Vdc Gearhead Motor www.skycraftsurplus.com/pittman6to24vdcgearheadmotor.aspx

or is it better to useinstead of the RC ESC (Electronic Speed Controller), do I use Sabertooth dual 12A motor driver for R/C or use a BV4113 Motor Controller?

I basically want the Pittman motor to run forward when I push the joystick forwardand backwards when I push the stick back.

oh my power supply would be Werker 12V 12AH AGM Battery .250 Terminal WKA12-12F2

thanks this is a big help

PS.... am I going to need to add this to the mix? a 25W Step down adjustable switching regulator or a Voltage Regulator Breakout Board or both



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