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Would Be Great For Others To Upload A ARC File

of thier prioject they are working on to help others building the same project or one close to it
once i get my roomba project done and file made will upload it
and then next the BROOKSTONE ROVER project
this helps others ,plus a starting examples for other robot builds
i see ARC has some examples


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Very good idea robotmaker ! Some of that don't do code can actually look at the code while it functions and also see the right way and better ways to do something .:) JW
ARC has a EZ-Cloud, which allows you to upload files to be publically accessable.

Also, in your Robot's Project Showcase post on the forum (or any forum category), you can upload the EZB file and attach it to your message.

On the right of your input box when creating a message, there is an "Attach File" option. Below that is a Browse button. Select Browse and locate the EZB File on your computer. Then click the UPLOAD button. Wait, and you're file will be uploaded

i like it better when it can be uploaded in project showcase,main reason you have other info to help you on the project
@robotmaker you can attach it to your project showcase. i'd suggest putting it in the first post of your project showcase thread.

Also, the project showcase photo is the first photo you post.
thats a good idea DJ ,looking to finish my ROOMBA project once my backorder parts come in this week
and start on the code,next is the BROOKSTONE ROVER project ,i think i have all parts needed,still need to rewire the pan and tilt camera and make shore i have brackets and other parts needed
getting the parts in is the hard part
Awesome! You have so many projects:) I like that you're using the brookstone rover. I think it's such a great platform!
i did a while back....called it current its a wall-e

i have pretty sweet set up
mods even going to be better,like the EZB fits inside it perfect,and sensor upgrades adding to it
pretty soon DJ will have a place like your robots using EZB ,up to 20 robots i bought at thrift stores ,ebay,mel,jstarne
thirft store a great place to look for robots and parts for them,like small 12 volt monitor $6 and works same size you have in your omnibot
so far no trips to china for a few months ,so plenty of time for hacking robots :D :D